YouMap® Coach Certification Program

YouMap® coach certification is perfect for people who are ready to blaze a new career path, upskill to stay on the leading edge, or add a new dimension to their abilities!

YouMap® Coach Certification Classes

YouMap® coach certification is facilitated by YouMap® master trainer, Kimberly Tilley.
Class meets virtually once a week for 8 weeks (total class time: 16 hours).
Note: Classes are intentionally kept small to maximize practice time in class and minimize homework.

Classes are held by request and require a minimum of three participants. If you are interested in becoming certified, please click the link to complete the interest form.

Click here to reserve your place or request more information.

About YouMap® Coach Certification

Whether you are new to coaching or an experienced coach, YouMap® Coach Certification helps you fast-track your clients to success. Revolutionize how you understand and communicate with your clients using a tested, reliable, repeatable framework. Learn to connect with your clients holistically by identifying their core values and helping them to apply those to their unique combination of strengths, skills, and interests.

Who becomes a certified YouMap® coach?

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Check out this short video of YouMap® founder, Kristin Sherry, explaining a few of the benefits: