Coach Certification Program Details

As a participant, you will proceed through the YouMap® process during the program, experiencing it as both a coach and coachee. During this program, we will provide:

  • All course certification materials
  • An outline the YouMap® process, reporting, and application
  • Proprietary training to coach clients on their four pillars of careers satisfaction
  • Deep comprehension of the four pillar of career satisfaction: strengths, values, motivated skills, interests
  • In-depth training for coaches on the four pillars of career satisfaction
  • Practice debriefs with master trainer and peer feedback
  • Interactive discussions and case studies
  • Access to proprietary tools and resources, post-certification

You will also learn how to:

  • Debrief clients using their YouMap® reports
  • Coach clients to make sound career decisions based on insights into their strengths, values, skills, and style
  • Use the YouMap® to help clients optimize and grow in their current role and explore new careers and areas of interest
  • Use the YouMap® Certified Coach dashboard to run client reports
  • Set up a basic business structure post-certification, using resources such as a proposal template and suggested pricing
  • Introduce clients to resources they can continue to use post-coaching, such as networking sheets and deal maker/deal breaker worksheets

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