Who Can Benefit from Coach Certification?

  • YouMap® has the advantage of being a highly adaptable tool. It has been used by people in range of roles in different types of organizations. Here are a few examples:
    • New and experienced coaches use YouMap® to help their clients experience greater fulfillment and engagement in their careers. 
    • Career services and HR professionals use YouMap® to provide a comprehensive program for career pathing, career exploration or career transition with employees, students, job seekers, and career changers. YouMap® can be added to existing frameworks or programs.
    • High school guidance counselors and university career center staff use YouMap® to help guide young adults to make better career decisions. 
    • People managers use YouMap® for career pathing, leadership development, succession planning, and helping employ,ees optimize in their current roles.
    • Team leads and peer coaches use YouMap® to help co-workers identify and articulate their strengths and skills and optimize their job performance.
    • Recruiters use YouMap® to select the right candidate for each position they fill. Providing well-suited candidates to your clients enhances your reputation.
    • Social workers and counselors use YouMap® to help disadvantaged teenagers and adults to identify a career fit that can put them on the road to success.

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