Who We Are

Pivot Discovery was created from the fundamental idea: When you do what you are intended to do, great things happen.

Whether you are seeking to overcome a specific challenge, maximize in your current career, or try something new, Pivot Discovery is here to help. Self-awareness is the foundation of career exploration. There is no substitute for knowing what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and how that translates into your work. Pivot Discovery can help you identify your goals, design a personalized plan, and pivot to your new path to reframe your future.

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Pivot Discovery was founded by Kimberly Tilley and Alexandra Balestrieri. Kimberly and Alexandra met while working in a corporate Training & Development department at a Bay Area biotech company. They quickly bonded over their passion for developing individuals and teams, and helping them reach their full potential. Kimberly and Alexandra have a combined total of over 30 years of expertise.

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Kimberly Tilley, M. Ed
Kimberly is a certified YouMap®coach and master trainer who identifies talents, and generates strategies to highlight and maximize strengths. She enjoys illuminating paths to achievement, while identifying practical steps to build momentum. Kimberly is also certified in Insights Discovery® and has deep subject matter expertise in DiSC and other frameworks. She has a strong track record of inspiring people to unlock their full potential, and guiding them to apply their talents in new ways that bring them deep inner satisfaction. She is known for her inspirational and engaging approach and her dynamic speaking and facilitation. Hundreds of clients have shared glowing feedback on Kimberly’s coaching!

Kimberly is also a best-selling author of historical true crime books. She currently has three Amazon category best-sellers on the market: The Poisoned Glass, Cold Heart, and Has it Come to This? She is currently hard at work on her fourth book.

Kimberly holds a B.A. in Speech Communication and has an M.Ed in Adult Learning and Development. 

Alexandra M. Balestrieri, M.B.A.

Alexandra is a highly creative individual with the ability to visualize and articulate a future state in great detail. She has a natural drive for bringing ideas and concepts to life which is her favorite part about developing and managing a business. She is also a YouMap® certified coach with a passion for guiding students or recent graduates through their career journey. She enjoys working with clients that are early in their career or new to the workforce. She is excellent at guiding individuals to quickly identify an optimal career path early and target the right roles. Alexandra holds a B.A. in Sculpture and Painting, an M.B.A in Marketing, and studies Botanical Illustration.

Alexandra also maintains a creative practice as a visual artist showcasing her work at galleries and art shows, and performs commission based work for clients.