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Join Pivot Discovery co-founders Alexandra Balestrieri and Kimberly Tilley on the PIVOT podcast for interviews with experts and inspiring guests, and panel discussions where we’ll bring in diverse perspectives about trending business topics. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or a way to reframe your future, you’ll be glad you joined us! 

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Season 2 Episodes

  1. What are the Clifton Strengths, aka StrengthsFinder, and why is it such a valuable tool? (panel: Judi Spear and Monique Betty)
  2. Seek out the Positive Side of Life (panel: Kristine Surla, Alexa Montesinos, Glen Walton, Lisette Olazabal, and Danielle Flannery)
  3. Creating Order in a Chaotic World with Discipline (panel: Courtney Moreno, Alexis Keenan, and Matt Edward)
  4. There’s no Such Thing as One Size Fits All with Individualization (panel: Furman Walker, Sharon McLaughlin, and Casie Clymer)
  5. The Perpetual Curiosity of Learners (panel: Kiki Spaulding, Ashlee Wilkins, Julian Balestrieri, and Todd Benson)
  6. Bringing Things Back to Life with the Restorative Genius (panel: Harpreet Singh and Dan Imamoto)
  7. Finding the Magic Combination with Arranger (panel: Adam Apprill, Loreen Brown, and Madey Khurma)
  8. The Secrets of Communication (panel: Karen J. Thomas, Emanuela Neagu, and Christie Danzey)
  9. Visions of the Futuristics (panel: Kristin Sherry, Yeon Jung Lee, and Lily Suk)
  10. The Empathy Super-Strength (panel: Sabrina Simonton, Csilla Csoboth, and Roy Yu)
  11. Maximizers and the Pursuit of Excellence (panel: Patricia Rice, Charlene Nuval, and Dave Pennington)
  12. Mighty Achievers! (panel: Jennifer-Bullock Shone, José Miguel Longo, and Cece Woo)
  13. Influencing the World with WOO (panel: Alison DeBruyckere, Vrishali Suraywashi, and Leah Garcia)

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Dana Fite: Criminal Defense Attorney
  2. Kristin Sherry Founder of YouMap, LLC and best-selling author (part 1 of 2)
  3. Kristin Sherry Founder of YouMap, LLC and best-selling author (part 2 of 2)
  4. Matthew Wohl: High School English Teacher and Academic Leader
  5. Sarah Krieger: Entrepreneur & Sommelier
  6. Deborah Bonzell: Wellbeing Revolutionary and Founder of The Well Workout, LLC
  7. Linda Pappas Schillig: Financial Consultant
  8. Jennifer Spor: Conscious Leadership Coach and host of the Awake and On Purpose podcast
  9. Reena Friedman Watts: Marketing Specialist and creator/host of the Better Call Daddy podcast
  10. Curt Peterson: Senior Trainer
  11. Reagan Rothe: Owner/Creator of Black Rose Writing; host of Heard it through the Rosevine podcast

What People are Saying about the PIVOT podcast….

Linda Pappas Shillig episode was very inspirational!”

Inspiring interviews on career pivotsThe Pivot podcast has done an amazing job curating guests from all walks of life. It’s inspiring to hear how each guest overcomes seemingly difficult circumstances to follow their paths. Really great listen if you are looking for stellar examples of career transformation.

Nicely done all involved! Great advice on transitioning into another role!

So inspiring! Thanks for sharing–I listened to the podcast yesterday, just what I needed this week!”

After I listened to the PIVOT podcast on the “Communication” strength, I challenged myself to use my voice and body language differently to better communicate with my coworkers. The tip about the POWER PAUSE was LIFE CHANGING!

LOVED the Kristin Sherry episode!