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LinkedIn® Profile Builder

Job-seekers need an effective, polished LinkedIn® presence to catch the attention of recruiters and present the right impression to employers. Navigating the site and presenting yourself advantageously is difficult without the guidance you need.
LinkedIn® is the most important professional networking tool. 90% of hiring managers and recruiters utilize LinkedIn® to find qualified candidates for a job. In fact, you are 71% more likely to score an interview by having a comprehensive LinkedIn® profile. Work with one of our branding specialists to help curate the perfect LinkedIn® profile. Showcase the best version of you and score the job you want!

What’s the benefit of having a great resume?  

Exceptional resume writing is both an art and a science. An employer is quickly skimming a resume for key words and skills they would like to see an ideal candiate while an applicant is trying to showcase their best self in just a couple pages. Work with one of our resume writing specialists to learn how to communicate your abilities and accomplishments effectively. Stand out from the rest! At the end of the session you will walk away with a completed resume and resources to help you with your job search.


YouMap® is a holistic framework that uncovers a person’s strengths, values, motivating skills, and career interests. There are four pillars of career satisfaction. A common source of career dissatisfaction is misalignment between your work and your values. Most people cannot articulate their values because they’ve never seriously reflected upon them. Identifying your values is a highly personalized process and your work must align to them. It is important that your work does not align to the values of others. The YouMap® process guides coachees to identify and prioritize their values. When considering your values in decision making, you can be sure to keep your sense of integrity and what you know is right, and approach decisions with confidence and clarity. You’ll also know that what you’re doing is best for your current and future career satisfaction!

We also offer YouMap® coupled with other services in our  YouMap® Platinum package. 

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