Client Testimonials

“Thank you for taking the time to delve into my Insights profile. You gave me a better understanding on how to dial up the colors as a means to excel.  I can say that the time you have spent with me has given me a sense of confidence that will empower me to be better for my team.   While I take many things for granted as the norm you pointed out to me how maybe it isn’t the norm and how to best apply these opportunities.”

S.R., Individual Coaching

“First time taking a virtual class like this, and it went really smoothly. The examples and assignments were really easy to follow, it was interactive, and the scenarios applied closely to our role. Kimberly is an incredible teacher! She made it easy to learn the material and the way she encouraged people was top notch! I would love to take more of her classes. Thank you!”

Virtual Class Participant

“My experience with Pivot Discovery was beyond great. I have never been to a career coach before. I was skeptical but I was desperate. I was in a job I hated. I hired Pivot Discovery for coaching and resume writing. I didn’t expect much but I thought they would narrow down the few things I was qualified to do. The first time I met with Kimberly (my coach) she turned my perspective completely around. I didn’t even know how beaten down and hopeless I was. Working with her gave me a totally different perspective on who I am and what my talents are. By the end of our last session, I felt real hope for the first time in who knows. And I knew what I wanted and how to take steps forward. I was worried about my resume but I worked with Alexandra on that. She met with me to understand my goals and my history. And what I wanted my brand to be. I just couldn’t believe the difference from where I started. Long story short, I’m three months into my new job!!! That would not have happened without Pivot Discovery. I recommend them to anyone.”

“I just immigrated to the U.S., and was looking for a job that I would be passionate about. I learned what talents I have and the values I care about, which eventually led to a career that fits me well. YouMap made me confident about myself and my career direction. It was articulated so well that I enjoyed communicating! I am very satisfied with the service, and would like to recommend it to others, too.”

Y.L., Job-Seeking Coaching

M. Harris